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When to remove the pull ups?

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denimjacket Tue 11-Jun-19 12:29:07

DS is almost 3. If he's naked from the waist down he will take himself to the potty for a pee no problem, if I take him to the potty and help him with his trousers & pull ups he will do a pee no problem (if he needs)
He doesn't actively ask to use it though. He also won't poo in it (he'd prefer to poo on the floor!)
I've ordered him some training pants and a portable potty.
What should my next step be? Keep doing what I'm doing and see if he starts asking for the potty or should I try to 'force' the issue?
He's a bit scared of public toilets as he hates hand driers so being out and about could be an issue.
I've also just taken his dummy away on Sunday so any major changes should probably be made in a couple of weeks instead of immediately.
Any tips on what I should be doing next?

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denimjacket Tue 11-Jun-19 12:30:00

Should have said, he's often dry in the morning until we go for a wee together.

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