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Help! Random days DD just wets herself!

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Beepbopadee Sat 08-Jun-19 17:46:39

So DD has been daytime potty trained since last summer. She still has the odd accident & a fair few damp patches but generally does really seems that every few weeks she'll have a day where she just constantly wets herself. Doesn't even say she needs a wee sometimes & just stands in a puddle of wee confused last 2 times it's happened at nursery & I've taken her to doctors to be checked for a water infection & it's all been clear. Just can't seem to work out how she can have brilliant days & then every now & then a really bad day?? It's been going on since Christmas. At first we just put it down to excitement but it's continued to happen since then. She's nearly 3 & not potty trained at night yet (tried it but it just wasn't happening). Think I really just want to hear I'm not alone as I'm starting to worry she may have a bladder issue! Sorry for the rambling grin

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