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Won't poo in loo but freaks at poo in nappy

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KJM2013 Thu 06-Jun-19 09:25:45

My DD is 3 next month and apart from the odd 'forgets herself' accident is fine on the wee front during the day (still in pull ups at night and for naps). We started training in February.
However, as I know is not uncommon, will not poo in the loo. Will ask to have a nappy on or poo in her overnight/naptime nappy or in her knickers at nursery. She goes every day or other day but not at the same time of day, so hard to judge and try just sticking her on the loo with an ipad when something is due, for example.
We have the poo story books, we have offered rewards/bribes, showing nappy contents going into the toilet bowl, watching us go to the loo, we have also tried not going on about it so much. She talks about how poo goes in the loo etc and even congratulates me for going when she watches but no change.
However in the last couple of weeks, she has now started really freaking out when you actually change the nappy she has pooed in. Crying, wriggling and kicking out. Complaining about the smell and how yucky it is to poo in a nappy. Which obviously makes the process more tricky! However even after suggesting on occasion, "we could poo in the loo and then mummy wouldn't need to do this" (which I don't know if she comprehends) no closer to the poo in the loo.
Any words of wisdom?

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Gillianbeth1 Thu 06-Jun-19 09:53:13

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saywhatwhatnow Thu 06-Jun-19 09:56:24

What about pooing onto a nappy laying on top of a potty? Or I've also heard of cutting a hole in the nappy and letting them sit on the toilet. They still have the security of the nappy but poo ends up in the loo. Good luck!

April45 Fri 07-Jun-19 23:55:25

Theres a free app called poo goes home based on a book written years ago it's quite entertaining, kids tend to love it!

BrainScience Fri 07-Jun-19 23:59:51

The Poo goes to Pooland video (I think it’s a book too) on YouTube is good. I used to sit ds on the potty with his pants down and let him watch that a couple of times a day. It took about a month but he got there in the end. It will happen, it’s just stinky, messy and never ending until that time!

KJM2013 Sun 16-Jun-19 20:06:04

Thanks for all your suggestions but we've tried them all. The poo app/story, a story book specifically about Mr poo, trying to get her to sit on the potty with a nappy on. Getting nowhere 😔

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