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a good potty training book?

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vannah Sun 22-Jul-07 23:16:03

does anyone know of a v good one? Ive no idea where to begin, but do know that now is the only time we'll get. DH and I are off work for the summer 5 weeks, and DS is 21 months old, plus the weather is warm so less clothes etc...
He seems to be aware that he may be weeing soon...

I saw a copy of the Gina ford book at a jumble sale (I didnt agree with her 'contented' baby book much) and wondered if it was any good?


skidaddle Mon 23-Jul-07 15:35:44

I was about to post this question too - anyone?

lissie Mon 23-Jul-07 15:45:46

this is fab. bought it for ds and he loves it. the chart's really good too!

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