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What’s the longest you have persevered with before progress?

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gigi556 Mon 03-Jun-19 18:27:34

I think it's pretty normal for some kids to get poop or pee easily and then struggle with the other. I'd stick with it if he's making progress with pee. If you need support check out that Facebook group.

Eachreachpearmum Mon 03-Jun-19 17:56:51

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I was wondering whether to have a break but he’s making great progress with his wees. He is on a maintenance dose of laxative and has been for 2 years due to withholding so we anticipated this would happen. 😩

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gigi556 Mon 03-Jun-19 15:19:49

There's a Facebook group for that method where you might get more help. I've been trying since January with only some success so might not be the best person to answer! (We did take a short break). I'd persevere but it sounds like you need some strategies for poop. Afraid I can't help!

Eachreachpearmum Sat 01-Jun-19 06:00:50

😥 We’ve had a whole evening of withholding but no poo. Not sure where to go from here but it’s exhausting.

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Eachreachpearmum Fri 31-May-19 17:36:49

Hi ya. I was just wondering what’s the longest people have persevered with before progress? I have read so many potty training books that I just don’t know what to do for the best. My son is 3 and we are on day 7 of potty training. We have had some progress with wees but still lots of accidents. No poo yet on the potty as he has real anxieties so he’s still going in his nappy (when he’s not withholding). Today was a particularly bad day (although I think being at nursery for 5 hours also threw him).
I have been trying to follow the oh crap potty book but with limited success. The fact I have to keep putting him in nappies when he shows signs of pooing isn’t helping but if I don’t do that he withholds. He did a wee for nursery today and wouldn’t yesterday so some progress there. He goes to nursery for 3 half days each week. He still very much needs to be sat on the pot every hour and isn’t telling me when he’s had an accident. He has suffered with bowel issues all his life so toilet training was always going to be a challenge. Thank you in advance. Xxx

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