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mooglycrunch Sun 05-May-19 11:05:23

DS is a few weeks off being 3. We started potty training on Good Friday, so almost 3 weeks now.

We are following the Oh Crap book, so had about 3 days naked or naked from waist down. Was happy to go on the potty with prompting. Went to nursery on the 5th day and they put him in pants obviously, prompted every 30 mins had about 2 accidents.

I think he is with holding as he has poo "crowning" He can happily sit on the toilet for ages reading a book not produce a poo. It seems like he can't understand the mechanics of actually pushing it out himself. I have shown him with squeezing the Play-doh, explained letting it slide out, letting it go, the Poo App on the phone, pushing, squeezing. I have even had a discussion with him where I'm showing him poo in his pants to explain he has gone in but he is telling me there is nothing there.

We have had about 4 poo's in the toilet but I think this has been more circumstantial where he has held off for 2 days and gravity has literally taken over while he was sat there.

Still at the stage with wee's, will do it when prompted every 30 mins but will also do it in between (10 mins after getting off), be sat in wet pants quiet happily and not tell us or show awareness to the fact.
We've had about 4 successfully go in the toilet the rest have been in pants, again showing no awareness that they are in his pants and not bothered by it.

I do not want to go back to nappies as I I feel like we must have gained some ground in this time and am reluctant to give up even the slightest bit of progress.

Has anyone got to a stage like this? What did you do? How can I get him to actively push out a turd?!!! I can't bloody do it for him.....

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Emmabryant123 Sun 05-May-19 11:48:57

Tbh if this has been going for 3 weeks and he hasn't cracked wees I'd hold off on the whole thing
And try again in a month
My dd trained in a couple days at 3 years 2 months

mooglycrunch Sun 05-May-19 14:31:50

Hmmm, part of me was thinking that but my mum has had him for a few days in these 3 weeks and he has managed to it have any accidents for her ( once she forgot to take him for 1.5 hours) and he did a poo in the toilet for her.
He doesn’t want to put nappies on now. I’ve tried to motivate him with a star chart (doesn’t care), a treat (we can get you a toy, answer - I don’t want anything), some chocolate ( caused more arguments he would just insist he had done a poo when he hadn’t - it’s there mummy I can see it! There was nothing there).
I am at complete loss.

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emeraldmoon Sun 05-May-19 15:05:02

My ds really struggled with poo's, he potty trained for wee's just after he turned 2 but he didn't like pooing and would hold it in as long as possible and would always refuse to sit on the potty or toilet (he's always wee'd standing up). He was almost 3 when I bought one of them potties which are like a little toilet and downloaded the poo goes to pooland app on my phone, he loved his new toilet, sat on it straight away and pretended to wee and poo on it, I gave him loads of praise and it eventually clicked and he did a poo in it.

teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 05-May-19 15:15:49

I'd go back to the Oh Crap method. He shouldn't need your to take him at frequent periods (as he showed at your mums); you need to to teach him to recognise the feeling of needing to go himself.

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