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Potty training - next steps help please!

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Babushkashouse Mon 29-Apr-19 08:28:44

Ds (2 and a half) is dry in the day for a week but has had the odd accident where he’s been playing with water in the garden etc and not made the potty in tine. Normally he can hold it long enough to get in the house and walk up the stairs.
What are the next steps? What happens on car/buggy journeys? There are trips that are around 30 mins- do we just make sure he goes last thing before we leave or put a pull up on? Will he be able to hold it so he’s not desperately trying to keep it in but aware that he can’t go yet?
What about when he’s in the middle of the park on his scooter/in the woods (I’m going to teach him how to squat and wee) /in a busy class/in a library where there’s no loo?
Naps and car journeys where he might nap I assume we put him in a nappy?
How long do we hold him on the toilet? He’d definitely fall in and can’t see him suddenly having a growth spurt making him big enough to fit for years!

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Emmabryant123 Mon 29-Apr-19 15:56:38

Hi my dd has been dry in the day since last Thursday
We haven't been using pull ups when out
She won't use a toilet so I just take her potty and find a public loo if she asks
Also sit her on the potty before we leave

Emmabryant123 Mon 29-Apr-19 15:57:21

Also I didn't think my dd could hold wee but she definitely can
She is a little older though at 3 years 2 months

NannaNoodleman Mon 29-Apr-19 16:01:13

We do regular 3 hour ++ car journeys. I put a maternity pad/sheet in their car seats (when they were newly trained) and kept the potty accessible on the passenger seat so I could do a fast pull-in and onto the potty manoeuvre.

I also have a foldable toilet seat that fits over an adult toilet seat for out and about.

I take a potty to the beach.

If we're in the woods or on the moors it's in the bushes!

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