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So much potty training stock

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CJR73 Sat 27-Apr-19 15:24:20

Hi all, I've just moved house and I'm doing so realised just how much stock I'm still holding after having run an online business selling it 13 years ago (it was in the attic, out of sight, out of mind lol.)
I could just plod through listing things on eBay but I know it will go in dribs and drabs... does anyone know good (regular or one off) sales I could attend? I thought of nct nearly new sales... I need the kid equivalent of wedding fayres I think?! Car boots a possibility but I know I'd have to let it all go for pennies... I'd sell it all to a business even? Open to any ideas... thanks in advance
(From the woman with hundreds of potty's and equipment clogging up her front room!)

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TheGrey1houndSpeaks Sat 27-Apr-19 15:26:54

What sort of stock is it? If it’s potties; I don’t imagine you’ll get much more than pennies wherever you sell them.
Every pound shop sells them.

CJR73 Sat 27-Apr-19 15:34:48

It's all sorts. Potties, toilet seats, drink and wet dolls, books, reward charts... this was all bought back in the day when you couldn't buy potties in supermarkets etc... doh!

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