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sleepover but still wearing nappies?

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bakergirl123 Wed 17-Apr-19 18:12:12

Hi there, my son who has just turned 5 still struggles with accidents at night.. to cut a long story short both me and dh have had wetting issues until we were early teens. We have been to the doctors but because he is 5 they are not intrested so we are just coping with it in the best way possible. He still wears a nappy to bed every night and it is pretty much full every morning. We found pull ups very expensive and leaky for what they are so we use the size 8 baby dry nappies which work great for us but it does mean that I put them on him and take them off as he doesn’t know how to do it. Our son got invited to a sleep over next Saturday and I am worrying about weather i should let him go. I want him to go because I feel that he shouldn’t miss out because his friends are going but I don’t want him to get embarrassed about the nappy. Any thoughts or experience please let me know! Need help desperately

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TheGrey1houndSpeaks Wed 17-Apr-19 18:13:19

5 is too young for a sleepover regardless of toilet training. Just decline

itsboiledeggsagain Wed 17-Apr-19 18:13:53

Double pull up for one night? Or just rope the mum in to help.
Although my older kids used to play putting the baby's nappy on when thry were 2 or 3 so I am sure it is teachable.

itsboiledeggsagain Wed 17-Apr-19 18:14:53

And taking off is easy. Carrier bag and bring it home if really embarrassed

Nonnymum Wed 17-Apr-19 18:17:53

It's very normal to still need nappies/pull ups at night at 5 many children are not dry until much later. Having said that I think he is too young for a sleepover. Quite apart from the night nappy he is very young and may get upset in the night without you. And if the others on the sleepover are dry at night he might feel embarrassed even though there is no reason why he should

Thesunrising Wed 17-Apr-19 18:18:25

5 seems very young for a sleepover- a lot of unnecessary stress. However, your GP is obviously not aware that bedwetting can/should be treated from age 5 as per NICE guidelines. Check out ERIC website for more detailed info - there are a variety of treatments including medication or bedwetting alarms that might be suitable for your son.

Lots of children are not dry at night at 5 - maybe some of the other children at the sleepover will be too?

bakergirl123 Thu 18-Apr-19 16:45:43

Quick update- I have spoken to the boys parents who I am quite good friends with and she is nappy to put the nappy on him so he doesn’t miss out which I think is great. She has told me that he isn’t the only kid not dry but the other kid is wearing pull ups. So at least he isn’t the only one I suppose?

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