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Overnight toilet training

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bakergirl123 Wed 17-Apr-19 17:07:04

Hi... as you know nighttime dryness isn’t taught it’s a hormone released. I know the feeling all too well of having to wake up in the night to change sheets. For that exact reason we use nappies at night with our kids, they go on before bed and get worn in the night. We find they work better than pull ups and are cheaper so for us it’s a win win. If you are looking for a good nappy try the Aldi 6+, Pampers Baby Dry or Little Angels (Asda). We use them depending on what kid. Hope this helps x

Mintandthyme Tue 16-Apr-19 23:06:56

Keep going with the pull-ups
It’s very hard to be patient if you think she is deliberately wetting rather than getting out of bed to go to the toilet though 😡

csam Tue 16-Apr-19 23:04:02

After any helpful advise pls....
My 3.5ye old DD has been potty trained for over a year in the day with virtually no accidents and will Happily take herself off to the toilet but we're still struggling at night.

She will ask to not wear her pull up but then wee in her bed within an hour because she can't be bothered to get up and use the toilet. She'll just call me to come and change the bed! Some nights she will sleep through but when she wakes, will again wee the bed, not because she's sleeping but because she doesn't want to get up!

We do sometimes go 2/3 nights being dry before we have 'accidents' but I'm frustrated by her telling me that she knowingly wet the bed! I don't make a fuss when we have accidents but change the sheets and get her back in as don't think telling her off will stop the problem... any magic ideas pls or do I continue with pull-ups for a
Few more months? TIA

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