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Anyone skipped the potty and gone straight to the toilet

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treetime Sat 13-Apr-19 21:05:46

Just that really? Pro's and con's tell me all

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QueenDoria Sat 13-Apr-19 21:07:26

My son did this. He was my third one though so is kind of bringing himself up... don’t know if it was different cos he’s a boy but he just started sitting himself on the loo...

treetime Sat 13-Apr-19 21:07:57

Should probably say child is 20months and able to get on loo on own

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Ohyesiam Sat 13-Apr-19 21:10:09

Yes, dd said she wanted to use the loo not a potty at about 20 months. We got a small seat and she only had 2 accidents that I remember.

NoFancyUserName Sat 13-Apr-19 21:12:11

Us. DS just didn't take to the potty at all. He couldn't understand it, as he'd not seen anyone else use one, but happily used the toilet with a child toilet seat and a little step without any issues.

SoyDora Sat 13-Apr-19 21:13:01

We never used a potty. Toilet trained one at 2.4 and one at 20 months.

sardinesontoast Sat 13-Apr-19 21:13:02

Yup both of mine.

SoyDora Sat 13-Apr-19 21:13:21

No ‘cons’ at all, it worked great for us.

fblake Sat 13-Apr-19 21:13:27

I did, I got one of those seats with the steps. He just used that and got on really well with it x

RemoveAllPicturesOfRon Sat 13-Apr-19 21:13:51

Yes, we did. DD was late to start, and was too tall to sit comfortably on a potty, plus (as others have said) she didn’t really understand what it was for when everyone else was using the toilet. Hardly any accidents from day 1.

RomaineCalm Sat 13-Apr-19 21:14:02

We did. Never used a potty at all.

I bought some little sets of steps for the toilets at home and a couple of the padded toilet seats from Mothercare. Nursery had small size toilets so it was easy there.

Just kept encouraging him to go on the toilet like mummy and daddy do. It took about a week for him to be reliable

Littlebelina Sat 13-Apr-19 21:14:45

DS never took to a potty, just used the loo. Was relatively late to train though (just over 3) as wasn't ready before

RaveOn Sat 13-Apr-19 21:26:31

Yes I did this with my DS, on the recommendation of the continence nurse.

We had training seats with handles and steps.

villainousbroodmare Sat 13-Apr-19 21:29:05

Yes. Seat with step, worked well.

SolitudeAtAltitude Sat 13-Apr-19 21:30:11


Pro's: loos are everywhere, so no lugging around of potty. You do not have the clear the poo out of the potty, you just flush it.

Negatives, none

I don't really understand the concept of potties tbh grin, just get one of those seat seats for toddlers

Mine were about 2 when toilet trained

RaveOn Sat 13-Apr-19 21:30:44

Pros = if they've watched you use the toilet then they immediately know what it's for, no pottys to empty / clean, don't have to then transition from potty to toilet

Cons = pottys are easier to have around the house and to quickly sit them on if they show signs of beginning to go, you can take pottys out with you to other people's houses etc, but toilet seats with steps are more cumbersome.

DramaAlpaca Sat 13-Apr-19 21:32:37

Yes. I found DS1 aged 2.2 perched on the loo one day having taken off his nappy, so I figured we might as well carry on what he started. We had a potty as well, but he preferred the toilet with a child seat & a step stool in front. Did the same successfully with his brothers as well, but didn't bother with the potty for DS3 as he was 2.6 so a bigger & taller child who was more comfortable using the toilet.

RaveOn Sat 13-Apr-19 21:32:53

Oh another con is some children are scared of toilets, especially when they're very little.

KenDoddsDadsDog Sat 13-Apr-19 21:33:52

DD did , she wouldn’t use a potty. We got one of those little Peppa pig slot on seats.

Digestive28 Sat 13-Apr-19 21:38:20

Yep, worked fine but so much easier if in a house with a downstairs and upstairs toilet or a flat as stairs and potty training aren’t great when you have seconds to get to the toilet

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