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Really upset little boy on the potty :'(

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looneyloo88 Tue 09-Apr-19 22:46:55

Aw bless you it's really awful , my friend went through this with her little boy and in the end she stopped trying as he just wasn't ready .a few months later he decided to do it by himself with no pressure and he got it straight away . I personally would take a step back and let him guide you , if it's stressing you and him out that much it's really not worth it . I wouldn't let Creche pressure you into it either .Maybe give him a few weeks and try again . He will get there eventually I mean we all did , didn't we 🤷‍♀️😂 good luck !

Southlonmum Tue 09-Apr-19 22:38:42

Keep going OP as it is so completely worth it when it's working. The hardest part is not making any fuss at all about weird behaviour or accidents. Sounds like you're possibly doing too many techniques. Try not to make an event of it, pare back on all the techniques you've been trying as sounds quite confusing/ pressured. Just be calm, serene, own lots of cleaning product and pants...and congratulate all and any progress ( even if you're slightly crying inside) good luck!

Scanon Tue 09-Apr-19 22:30:08

It's awful, and I completely understand what you're going through as I've got one who went through a withholding poo stage.

Have you tried putting a nappy in the potty, or asking him if he'd like to wear a nappy in the potty, to have more of a transition?

MrsMa82 Tue 09-Apr-19 22:23:11

At the insistance of nursery (who kept telling me he was ready) I've taken time off work and started potty training my DS (2yrs 11mth). Absolute carnage. From the second he was nappy free hes been a ball of frustration and anger - he holds his wee to the point he's dancing in pain, then screams and cries if you show him the potty. TBH he now cries weeing in general - even if its on the floor - because hes not in a nappy. Ive never seen him so upset. Ive tried everything - bribery, distraction (tv/bubbles/games) apps, you tube videos, books, faking Elmo weeing on a potty, pretending to ignore him and letting him get on with it so he doesnt feel forced... Its now the end of day 3 and theres absolutely nothing to show for it apart from an upset child and cr*ppy feeling mum :-( My mum says I shouldnt give in cause my LO is always pushing boundaries and is extremely head strong, he doesnt like change, and that he just doesnt want to give in. Also says that if he can hold himself he knows that he can control himself, so ultimately hes ready. Nursery are totally adamant that he's ready (when hes there they let him sit on the potty in a bit of a social setting when some of the other kids do, but hes never done anything in it for them). So what am i doing wrong?! Honestly dont think i can face another day of this :'(

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