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Is it too early?

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totrainornottotrain Sun 24-Mar-19 12:34:48

My DD is 18 months old and we use cloth nappies and a bit of EC.

She is demonstrating some bladder control - e.g this morning and yesterday she had 2 dry nappies. I knew she would need to wee when I went to change her as her nappy was dry. So I let her play for a bit then put her on the potty and she weed immediately.

She also tells us when she needs to poo or when she has done a poo (by saying uh oh and patting her nappy). She then happily does it on the potty if I take her.

Am I crazy to be thinking of potty training her properly? She seems so young, and cannot pull her trousers up or down yet by herself. If we do go for it, how much support would nursery be able to give if she still needs assistance/ reminding to use the potty?

Thanks in advance for advice. I have the Who gives a crap book btw.

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Mokepon Sun 24-Mar-19 12:38:24

Currently pt my 2.5 yo.
But since about a year old he's been using the potty at home as most of the time he's naked or at least nappy free.
We just gently encouraged him, recently moved to wearing pants all day. He can now deal with clothes etc and wipes after a pee.
Go for it.

NoKnit Sun 24-Mar-19 22:02:25

She needs to be able to pull pants and trousers up herself I think

QuaintDuck Sun 24-Mar-19 22:07:15

Wait until it's warmer and go nappy free at home/garden with a potty about. So much easier if she's in a dress too

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