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What did you buy? Help? What crap do I need??

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MediumBags Thu 21-Mar-19 21:02:08

Toilet seat? Potty? Chair potty? Portable loo? What should I buy, what's not worth the dosh?

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isittheholidaysyet Thu 21-Mar-19 21:07:58

It's one of those totally individual things.

Buy a potty. They are dead cheap.
Toilet seat also, but only 1 of my 4 used it.

My most useful things were:
1) Pull-up nappy pants. (In the early stages you can take them for a wee like you would with pants, but you don't need to worry about accidents, then switch to pants when they are getting the idea)

2) a travel potty. Basically a folding potty frame, over which goes an item which is effectively a sanitary towel in a nappy sack. Kid sits on potty does his business into the bag. Tie bag up and dispose of it. Very useful for out and about.

MediumBags Sun 24-Mar-19 20:14:20

And how the hell do you deal with public toilets? Paper seat covers?

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chazm84 Sat 30-Mar-19 03:24:01

We have a fold up toddler toilet seat that fits over regular seats in a little bag for out and about. Gets cleaned and dried when we get home ready for next time. Although when I read your original post the first thing that came to mind was paper towels. Lots and lots of paper towels to mop up the accidents.
We have a potty and a toilet seat for at home. Potty is great at the beginning because they can just get on and off by themselves.

Jamhandprints Sat 30-Mar-19 03:40:55

Just a potty and some pull ups. Make sure you have a change of clothes with you at all times!
Whats your problem with public toilets? I don't see an issue as long as hands are washed like normal.

crazychemist Sun 31-Mar-19 15:44:36

Just a potty. We have only one. There were times when I thought a second one would be good, but we haven’t bothered so far. Potty training requires a lot of patience, but not a lot of stuff!

Choose a potty that you can take out and about with you, as you might need it in the early days. My DD can do a wee on the big toilet, but some toilets she takes against and won’t use [hmmm] she also can’t poo unless she’s got her knees up a bit, so no good with legs dangling off a potty. So if she hasn’t had a poo and I know one’s brewing, potty has to go with us wherever we go!

adagio Sun 31-Mar-19 15:58:52

What everyone else said, you only really need a potty! Loo seat perhaps depends on child (one of mine likes it the other didn’t ) plus I swear by jojo maman Bebe wet bed mats when you night train - we have two. You make the bed like normal, then put a mat thing plus small flat sheet on top (I use a folded in half cot bed one). If the kids wet in the night you just strip the flat sheet and mat off and sorted. It’s washable and feels like a cotton mattress protector so comfy to sleep with, I still use one on each bed under normal bedding now just in case of the odd accident.

PotteringAlong Sun 31-Mar-19 16:00:29

A potty. That’s it. And lots of washing powder. And chocolate buttons for bribes in the early days!

happymummy12345 Sun 31-Mar-19 16:07:28

We got a toilet seat with an attached toddler seat that pulls down. A step. Plenty of pants.
No potty at all as we never put ds on one, he went straight on the toilet.

yikesanotherbooboo Sun 31-Mar-19 16:32:01

I used a potty with DC1 and 2 and a little loo seat for DC3 . We always managed when out and about. We have a little plastic step for the bathroom which makes using the toilet and hand washing easier for little ones.once we were 'going for it' we didn't go back to pull-ups/ nappies n the day although I think we put some sort of padding on the car seat for long journeys.

AlfieandAnnieRose Fri 05-Apr-19 22:47:51

I have a thing about public toilets so I bought some paper toilet covers from Amazon. I didn’t like the thought of his hands touching all over the seat or the stand etc which might not be thoroughly cleaned!

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