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mega regression.

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Yorkshiredolls Thu 21-Mar-19 18:02:18

blush we’ve lost the plot in this house and I’m hoping someone has advice for us

DD is 2yrs 6months and we actually started potty training her in august bank with the oh crap method, she was 22m back then. She was brilliant and took to it like a duck to water. we’ve had accidents here and there probably every other day of course but she’s been dry at night since very early in. the process and comes home from nursery dry too, mostly. she’s never been in pull ups, just knickers. takes her self off for a poo or a wee 50% of the time and prompting the other 50%.

every few weeks she’d have a wobble where she’s have several accidents for a few days but then get back on track.

well it’s been about a month now where she’s just totally lost interest, pooing her pants more frequently, weeing her knickers twice a day. she’s got a little friend at nursery who she talks about who wears nappies. seems to happen more frequently at home then at nursery where had the occasional dry day only to wee herself at home. Today she’s pooed herself twice and I’ve given up, Ive bought pull ups and put one on cos my washing machine can’t take anymore of it. we’re going on holiday next week and I don’t know what to do for the DH’ll be furious when he gets home.

As i’m writing this she’s just plonked herself
on the potty, pulled her pull-up down and done a big wee on her own.

Oh god i sound like a mental
woman, what am i gonna do with her? she’s so capable of this.

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Pythonesque Thu 21-Mar-19 18:20:51

My eldest was potty trained at a similar age, but we used pull-ups for "out and about" and especially for long car journeys for quite a while I think. So I'd say, use the pullups for safety while on holiday, any time you're not going to be in easy reach of a bathroom. Great that she's demonstrated she can handle it.

I think they do get absorbed in new things, so there might be an element of being too distracted. Expect to have to remind her sometimes for up to a couple more years at least (not counting "everyone go to the bathroom before we leave" which goes on for a lot longer smile )

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