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Poo problems

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Monarexfluff Thu 07-Mar-19 21:00:06

My dd will be three in June. We have been potty training since half term. Weeing is going ok, she knows when she wants to go and will quite happily use the potty. She knows when she needs to go and can tell you so there have been hardly any accidents. When it comes to poo well that's when the trouble starts. She started out well and pooed a couple of times on her potty but on one occasion it came quicker then she was ready for and pooed on the floor. Well you would have thought she was being murdered. She screamed herself into hysterics. I tried to keep it calm and didn't make a fuss just cleaned it up but since then she will not poo on the potty. She will hold it in and demand a nappy on before she will poo and even then she will not go straight away. She is literally scared of poo
We are on day three of no poo, what can I do to break the cycle???

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