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Potty training...

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Lisa658 Tue 05-Mar-19 13:53:23

Hi all!
Ive just started potty training my lb properly yesterday. We’ve had a potty for a while and he’s always shown interest in it, had a few wees on it before and even a poo.
This teamed with a couple of other signs (and the fact I have a week off work) has made me start properly.
His first day was quite good, two wet accidents and one poo in the corner ( glad he told me about it otherwise that would have been a nice surprise later🙃 ) other than that he used the potty loads, told me ‘wee wee is coming’ and wanted to help pour his wee down the big toilet. I’ve been giving him stickers every time he’s gone.
Today however hasn’t been as successful, quite a few accidents, he even slipped over in one of them when he was trying to tell me he’d done it.
I put him in the bath after he covered himself in wee and he told me twice while he was in there that a wee was coming so I got him out both times and he had a wee on the potty so I do think he is ready.
If I put pants on him he will have an accident straight away (wanted to take him out in the garden for a bit as hate being stuck inside but as soon as I put something on him he has an accident and too cold to go out bare bottomed)
Still going to persevere but he’s meant to go to nursery Thursday, we walk there which is about a 25min walk. I’m just a bit nervous about getting there and although I know nursery will support however they can I’m worried that it may be abit much, would you send him?
Also we are supposed to be out for a family meal on Thursday night. Debating whether to just find a sitter or just bite the bullet and take him and hope for the best? Was considering maybe putting on pants with a pull up over it so he’s aware of an accident but take him to the toilet every 20mins or so?
Feeling slightly disheartened because I really don’t know what I am doing.. advice please? TIA x

Jackshouse Tue 05-Mar-19 13:58:13

Sounds all good to me.

We did the Oh crap method which suggests that they are naked at least waist for the first stage which lasts about 3 days depending on the child. Then stage 2 is short trips out with a potty at hand but still naked at home and stage 3 is clothed all the time and normal life resumed. The method also suggests that they don’t wear underwear until they have been doing stage 3 for six weeks.

I would be happier sending him to nursery than taking him out for a meal/leaving with a baby sitter at this stage.

Lisa658 Tue 05-Mar-19 14:15:46

Thank you!
The meal isn’t until 7pm which is his bedtime anyway and It would be my dad looking after him so I’m not too concerned about that part. It was just whether it is a mistake to ask him with us, I don’t want him to miss out really as it’s a family members big birthday but at the same time want to get this nailed and don’t want to cause my lb any discomfort!

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