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Please help!!

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Dottydoodoo Sun 24-Feb-19 10:27:22

My DS is 3 in a couple of weeks. He understands what the potty is and what it is for and has done umpteen wees and a couple of poos in it since we got it last summer.

We tried potty training in October last year but he got cross with the potty halfway through the day and clearly wasn’t ready.

I feel like he might be ready to try again now but he is such a live wire running around the house, I can’t even get him to stay still for long enough to explain what we are going to do re the potty without him running off or waving a toy in my face 😬 I’m not sure if this is typical three year old behaviour or if it still a sign that he is not quite ready yet? Yesterday evening he had all his pants out and was really keen to wear them in the morning, but come this morning he is not interested and is actually asking for a nappy.

I don’t want to force him to do something he is not ready for - I think I’m getting worried because he starts pre school after Easter and although they say it doesn’t matter if he is potty trained or not I’m feeling the pressure!

Please can I have some positive stories of nearly three year olds who were still asking for nappies and then overnight all of a sudden didn’t want them any more?!!

Help! I am finding potty training hands down the hardest bit of parenting so far.........

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NannyR Sun 24-Feb-19 10:38:30

What would happen if you just put a couple of nappies in his pyjama drawer and explain that those are for bedtime and hide the rest of them away and explain that he's going to wear pants instead now.
Sometimes, from the child's point of view, nappies are the easier, more familiar option and you might just need to nudge him along from that if he's showing other signs of being ready.

Dottydoodoo Sun 03-Mar-19 17:08:18

So.......a little update

On Monday we decided to just go for it and see what happened. The nappies came off and the pants went on.

DS has been absolutely amazing. It was really difficult at first with lots of accidents, DS doesn’t like staying at home too much either he likes to get out and about so was getting frustrated. Day 2 was the worst I had 8 pairs of pants in the washing machine by bedtime and was ready to give up.

Day 7 and I feel like he has just about cracked it, he will ask for the potty now to do wees and poos and he loves flushing the toilet and carrying his little carry potty around when we go out.

NannyR Thank you! I definitely feel like for DS that it was easier and more familiar to be in nappies and just carry on with life rather than have to stop playing to use the potty!

All of a sudden I feel as if my baby is very far from being a baby now 😢

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