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Popping in pants almost 5 years old

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Lifehappens1991 Wed 06-Feb-19 15:11:27

Hi Justasking

Yes they have little doors where people/adults can see over definite lack of privacy but I guess more safe than usual cubicles. This raises a good point. Thanks for replying x

justasking111 Wed 06-Feb-19 15:06:51

My DS would never poop at school he said there was a lack of privacy, other children teasing when he was little. Are there gaps under the doors do other children come in when he is there?

Lifehappens1991 Wed 06-Feb-19 15:04:55

Hello mums and dads,

Got a bit of an issue recently with 4.5 year old lb. he has been popping in his pants at school nursery. Its happened around 6 times in last month or so and It's starting to upset me and no doubt be issue for the teachers cleaning him up every time. I can see it's not nice for him either he must feel embarrassed.

He won't go and ask to go to the toilet he will just hide and do it in his pants. I have asked him why he does it and if anything is wrong and he just can't give me an explanation.

Has anyone got similar experience at this age with popping? Any advice ? Suggestions?

I will call the HV today and see what she can advise, just a-bit lost about how to handle it.

Thank you

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