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Portable potty

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Kitkatmonster Sun 03-Feb-19 18:08:25

DD 2.4 has chosen today to stop wearing nappies. No accidents at all, but in less than 2 weeks we go to Eurodisney and I’m concerned about queuing and needing an urgent wee. So I started looking at portable potties/potettes etc. but I’m a bit clueless about what’s best to get and drag around the park with us. Anyone recommend one?

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Rainatnight Sun 03-Feb-19 18:12:15

We have a Potette Plus and I love it. DD calls it her 'out and about potty' grin

It folds up for storage, and also right out to act as a little toilet seat so they can sit comfortably on the loo. We're in the throes of potty training and we've used it in a dance studio (loo seat), clothes shop (loo seat) and a park (potty) this weekend. Absolutely invaluable.

It comes with plastic bag inserts, which you have to buy more of, but you can just as easily use a plastic shopping bag with a wad of kitchen roll in it. (You prob need to look at it online for that to make sense!)

BeautifulPossibilities Sun 03-Feb-19 18:13:00

As above! Lifesaver.

HappyAndYouKnowItGlugTheWine Sun 03-Feb-19 20:05:39

We've got the my carry potty. It's like a tiny hard suitcase which unfolds as a potty. Can use with a potty liner or without as it folds and creates a vacuum to hold any solids and liquids and lock them away till you can dispose of it! Ours is the ladybird one and Ds loves it

studentvera Sun 03-Feb-19 20:07:03

Carry potty

Kitkatmonster Mon 04-Feb-19 17:00:57

Thanks I’ve managed to pick up a second hand potette with liners locally for £5, so hopefully that will see us through Eurodisney!

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Rainatnight Mon 04-Feb-19 17:03:35

Good luck!

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