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4 year old not doing poo in toilet

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missloum Thu 31-Jan-19 20:05:41

DS been toilet training for year and half pee wise no problem going, had some issues with pooing, started to go around October off pull ups, now pooping in pants instead off going to toilet, any suggestions how to get him to go as I don’t want to revert back to pull ups

Gibbs32 Wed 13-Feb-19 15:19:48

I'm having a similar issue. My LG will not poo anywhere but her pants. We cracked wees ages ago and is dry at night. She does not do this anywhere unless she is with me or my husband. She will be 4 in April and we have tried everything. Giving her a special toy when she sits on the toilet and only has it then. Start chart treats. Ignoring it etc. But we r starting to lose our patience (especially my husband) any advice would be much appreciated.

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