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What to do about nursery?

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ooonicorn Sun 27-Jan-19 20:39:51

For 3 days my dd has done all wees (except 1) in the potty at home. We haven't been out but she's been in knickers and bottoms the whole time with a nappy for night time. What do I do about nursery tomorrow?

She gets very upset about having an accident and won't let them change her nappy there but does tell them when she's done a wee. She hasn't done a poo for 2 days either...

Do I send her in knickers? A pull up? Or just a normal nappy?

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Doje Sun 27-Jan-19 20:43:07

Send her in in knickers, with a tonne of spare knickers and trousers! From my experience, they're not as hot as a parent at recognising the need a wee signs, but are very used to changing soggy clothes!

ooonicorn Sun 27-Jan-19 20:51:22

Even though she gets so distraught when she has an accident? She's only there for 3 hours but will never go to the toilet when asked (even though she will at home) and won't let anyone change her nappy!

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ooonicorn Sun 27-Jan-19 20:51:52

Pfb in case you couldn't tell 😂

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Doje Sun 27-Jan-19 21:03:40

It's definitely what I would do - she's doing so well! Kids are often different at nursery. She'll see what all the other kids are doing and will pick up on it. Nursery staff are also a bit more matter of fact about stuff too. I know they like the kids etc, but it's a job at the end of the day isn't it. They're trained in all of this! Which is more than we are.....

If you get her to do a wee before she goes to nursery, there's a good chance she won't need one while she's there!

toddle Sun 27-Jan-19 21:04:21

Knickers 100%.

. Take your own potty that she's used to, try her on it yourself when you drop her off. Lots of spares and a carrier bag for them to put any wet/dirty stuff in. Good luck.

ooonicorn Sun 27-Jan-19 21:17:04

Ok. I've labelled the knickers and jogging bottoms ready to go 🙈 praying she doesn't go in the car seat!

I can't take our potty because it's too big and looks like a proper toilet. I'm really hoping she doesn't get too upset there. Will let you know tomorrow!

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toddle Sun 27-Jan-19 21:58:45

Why does that mean you can't take it? Unless you don't want to of course.

We have the same potty or one very similar it flashes, sings and gives out stickers. I've worked in several nursery's and I can honestly say if you think she would be better with it take it.

Other then that what will you be using when your out and about. That potty is hard to take to the park/shopping etc. Get a smaller more portable potty and use that one at nursery and everywhere else.

Puppy training pads/bed mats for the car seat.

ooonicorn Mon 28-Jan-19 12:43:51

Thanks for all the advise. She didn't go to the toilet there but she didn't have an accident either!!! Will try again tomorrow and will take the potty

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toddle Mon 28-Jan-19 16:09:48

Amazing! She's done really well

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