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2.5yr DS - Now or wait? Showing many signs but time not great for us

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HappyAndYouKnowItGlugTheWine Mon 21-Jan-19 08:59:30

My 2yr 5 month old DS is showing many signs of being ready to start potty training. We've had a potty out in the bathroom for a while and he regularly goes to the potty (at least once a day) when he's home with us at weekends, and has even done a poo in there. We don't tell him to go to the potty - he usually takes himself off and does a wee. Sometimes he doesn't do anything, and I think he just thinks it a bit fun to play 'going to the potty' and pulling his nappy and trousers down to go etc.

I really think he could probably crack potty training if we started properly (i.e. no nappies in the day at all, getting nursery to do the same) and I do have 4 days in a row off this week so tempted to give it a go.

HOWEVER we're in the middle of extension work on our house and we've basically got builders running around everywhere. I've heard its best to tackle potty training by being naked from waist down for first few days and I'm not 100% comfortable with doing this whilst the house is full of a random assortment of tradesmen (and pretty sure they would feel a bit awkward about it at times too!).

Am I being ridiculous to consider starting now? Should I just wait until start of April when the house will be completed?

My reasoning for wanting to start soon is that he's got a natural interest in the potty and has clearly connected the dots re: wee and poo go in a potty, and I'm concerned that ignoring those signs might lead to him getting some mixed messages.

Any advice or opinion is welcome!

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