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3 year old wont poo

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Unmumsymum94 Fri 11-Jan-19 13:56:48

Sorry its a bit of a long one.
So my little boy is 3 and a half, been potty trained and even dry through the nights, the only thing we can't suss is pooping.
When he was first potty trained he would poop on the toilet up until a couple of months ago he started pooing his pants. He refuses to go to the toilet. We can tell when he needs to go so we sit him on the toilet, nothing will happen then as soon as we take him off the loo he will go and poo his pants. He will sometimes hold it in for 3 days until hes desperate. The times that he has done it on the toilet we have praised the hell out of him and given him rewards but he still won't do it himself. We were sat on the toilet for 45 minutes the other day, only for him to poop his pants as soon as we take him off. Just to add, not once has he ever wet himself or wet the bed, he will happily take himself off to the toilet for a wee. I'm at my wits end and really don't know what to do anymore and help or advice would be appreciated. TIA smile

missloum Fri 11-Jan-19 21:56:16

Am in the same situation DS 4 in few months will go to toilet sometimes saying he needs to go, sometimes runs and tries to hide and has accidents, looking for some solutions to help get him let us know he needs to go

TigerQuoll Sun 13-Jan-19 06:31:41

Read Poo goes to Pooland with him

jessstan2 Sun 13-Jan-19 06:50:18

Interesting. I remember going away on holiday when my son was 2.5. He was completely potty/toilet trained but would not poo in the toilet where we were staying. For an entire week! He was fine, did it as soon as we got home.

Kids are odd aren't they? They have their own logic.

For the record, I also found it difficult to poo if not at home until I was adult. No idea why.

Your son will get over this phase, I promise you. Not nice for you having him do it in his pants though so sympathy to you.

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