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Tips for potty/toilet training 2 and half year old

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Lauraliverpool Wed 09-Jan-19 20:05:12

Thinking of starting to potty train my little boy don't know whether to start with a potty or go straight to using the toilet, he is aware when he is doing a poo and when he's doing a wee he will say doing a wee on myself. Have got him some little undies, do I start putting them on in the day, do I keep them on of a night or do I use like pull ups? X

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Jackshouse Thu 10-Jan-19 09:09:40

Read the oh crap book but put him in pull ups evenings.

MacNCheeseMum Thu 10-Jan-19 09:13:37

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Lauraliverpool Thu 10-Jan-19 10:44:02

That's a good tip @MacNCheeseMum putting the potty on the toilet then moving it away. Have got him some little undies to try, never heard of bubble guppies 😀

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Lauraliverpool Thu 10-Jan-19 10:44:57

@Jackshouse what are the pull ups like?.

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Jackshouse Thu 10-Jan-19 10:51:11

Pull ups are just nappies that you can put on like underwear. You can get them with characters on. But they are nappies so they are only for sleep time not day time if you are potty training. He needs to know if he wets himself.

Jackshouse Thu 10-Jan-19 10:52:22

The oh crap suggests that they should be naked until they get the hang of it then, then underwearless for the first 6 weeks.

Lauraliverpool Thu 10-Jan-19 12:29:58

Have seen the pull ups, might get some give them a try. At the moment he has the pampers pull up nappy pants.

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