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going backwards

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ChLoE1345 Mon 07-Jan-19 00:39:48

I have been potty training my daughter who is 3 since the 27th, and it’s gotten worse and worse. We started off with every 15 minutes sit on the potty and we try to go, read the book Oh Crap, bought her some nice underwear she chose, used a reward chart for this toy she wanted, lots of encouragement and she’s failed. We have had 2 wees on the toilet in this time and no poos on the toilet. I am drained of cleaning the floor, disinfecting it after she has just stood up a pooed all over the floor. Today for the sake of me and her i put he back into nappies, she wasn’t happy about it but it’s both what we needed. As soon as i put her nappy on her she flooded it within half an hour a wee and a poo, so she obviously isn’t getting it/ feeling comfortable. Was i right to do that?

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Jackshouse Thu 10-Jan-19 10:53:54

If your doing the oh crap method then go back to stage 1.

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