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Anyone potty training right now?

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SPR1107 Sun 30-Dec-18 20:09:51

We're on day 4, and I just thought I'd see if there was anyone else out there whose currently doing it.

Maybe share some tips and tricks we've found helpful so far? Or just for a bit of a min when it seems to be going a little wrong!

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Labmum Sun 30-Dec-18 21:44:05

We're still hanging in there. Day 9 now. It's going ok. Two dry days in a row now. Going to try him in pants tomorrow in preparation for him going back to nursery on Thursday. He's been doing great though, no accidents despite lots of going out visiting and a couple of 2 hour car journeys. We're sticking with it, haven't read any books.....just winging it so no idea if we're doing it right but it seems to be working ok.

SPR1107 Sun 30-Dec-18 21:48:07

Well done so far! Have you been naked waist down up to now?

We're on day 4, day 1 we had the exact same amount of accidents as we had successes, day 2 and 3 no accidents. He was naked waist down for these 3 days.

Today we put him in joggers without pants, and he had two accidents in them. So we've gone back to nudity!

I want to try get him used to the joggers for the same reason as you... nursery on Wednesday.

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Normandy144 Mon 31-Dec-18 04:03:24

We are. Yesterday was day 2. DD is 2.10. Accidents both days and only 2 poos on potty on day 2. I will persevere as it is a convenient time for us to try. She is back to childminder on 3rd, so i hope by then we will have turned a corner!! Also she is very good at communicating and will sometimes tell us she needs to go.

antipodeanjo Mon 31-Dec-18 06:22:58

We are starting with DD (2.5) next week! I'm a bit nervous!

SamStephens Mon 31-Dec-18 06:24:44

We’ve been trying for a little while lately no real formal process to it but when DD strips her nappy off I tend to sit her on her little toilet. We had a win today when she took off a dirty nappy and so I sat her on the toilet and she did a wee. So small wins.

KTD27 Mon 31-Dec-18 06:28:59

How are yours coping with being cooped up? My DS is super physical and went bananas by not being outside Day one. He still has a nap and I put him in a nappy for that - bad idea?? He refused to take it off afterwards and wanted to go out and play confused so now we are holding off for a week or two and will try again. Watching this for tips!

SPR1107 Mon 31-Dec-18 08:10:56

DS is 2.4. We have taken to calling them 'night nights nappies', so he knows he only has them on when he goes to sleep.

We've been getting him one toy out at a time so that he isn't getting too bored, and letting him have way more screen time than usual (we have watched cars every. single. day.). We've also taken him out to a friends with children, and to grandparents.
We wait until he's just had a wee then scoop him in to car as quick as possible (longest journey has been 4 miles).

We've been doing completely naked from waist down, with nappies coming off as soon as he wakes, and instead of asking if he needs a wee, we just remind him every ten minutes 'your potty is over there if you need a wee wee or poo poo', and he take himself off there when he needs to.

This has been working with no accidents, so we went for easy pull down joggers with no pants, but he had two accidents in these, so we're going to have another day of no joggers again today.

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thewaitresses Mon 31-Dec-18 08:45:05

I need this thread! We were planning to go full on potty training next week but one of my DTs is getting very worked up about having a nappy on so now I'm thinking of just going for it today but am feeling under-prepared!!

DTs (girls) are 2yrs 3mnths. We've had potties around for a while and they ask to go on the toilet at bath time. There have been sporadic wees and poos but nothing regular. However in the last week, DT1 in particular has been getting distressed every time she wees or farts, shouts 'mummy I done a poo' and demands to be taken to the big potty!

This morning she woke up with a completely dry nappy and asked for it to be taken off straight away. She did a little wee but I managed to get her to the potty for most of it. She's now running around with no bottoms on.

This wasn't really how I planned to spend nye but I'm just going to go with it. Il put a nappy on when we go out later in the car and a swim nappy for swimming but other than that I'm going to roll with it (and roll up the rugs!)

SPR1107 Mon 31-Dec-18 08:59:49

Someone gave me the tip of opening two nappies and lining the car seats with them, so if they have an accident, it doesn't ruin the car as the nappies soak it all up!

Sounds like they're ready for it, good luck!

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thewaitresses Mon 31-Dec-18 09:21:08

That's a good tip, thank you SPR! How is your little one doing?

SPR1107 Mon 31-Dec-18 10:28:35

Were accident free so far today @thewaitresses. I just reeeaaaalllly want him to be able to master in joggers before nursery starts again.. which is the day after tomorrow ha!

I'm just worried nursery is going to set him back, as they can't watch him as intensely as I can, and there are far more distractions. He has his potty in his eyesight all the time at home, and nursery have theirs in the bathroom, so apprehensive!

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Labmum Tue 01-Jan-19 20:29:37

@SPR1107 any luck with the joggers? We skipped the naked from the waist down stage and just let him wear joggers commando from the start.

We had 3 days of no accidents then have had one today whilst we were out for a walk, it was strange as he'd just has a wee on the toilet with me 20 minutes before but we were sat outside and I think he maybe just got a bit cold and couldn't feel it properly to control it? I'm not sure.....then a near miss this evening where I saw him staring off into space and asked him if he needed a wee wee to which he said yes and dashed to the potty, he had a tiny dribble on his trousers where he'd obviously started before remembering and stopping himself to get to the potty.

We also have t done much different to normal and have still gone out to cafes/people's houses and just taken the potty with us and reminded frequently. Neither he nor we would cope well being cooped up. One more day before he's back at nursery, expecting some accidents so will just send in plenty of spares.

@KTD and @thewaitress we've used those absorbant square disposable changing pads for nap time and car journeys, thankfully he stayed dry but they were ideal as a "just in case" and will just reuse them!

SPR1107 Tue 01-Jan-19 21:19:44

Sounds like he's doing great!

We used joggers again today, we had one accident, he had just woken up and was in a bit of a daze and just didn't make it. Got very upset about it. Then he managed to pull them up and down for the rest.

He's back at nursery tomorrow, so we have a 20 minute car journey, and then a day full of distractions. I'm expecting accidents. I just need to be very clear with them, that no matter what happens they do not put a nappy on him!

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thewaitresses Wed 02-Jan-19 09:05:27

Morning! Monday morning went quite well but then we reverted to nappies as we were out and about too much - including a 3hr walk and a couple of hours in the car yesterday.
We're back to no nappies this morning and have had 1 potty wee and 1 in the high chair. Already feeling cabin fever but if staying close to home helps then that's what we have to do!
I'm back at work on Monday and the girls' nanny will be back - id like to at least get them started successfully.

SPR1107 Wed 02-Jan-19 18:51:09

How'd you get on the rest of the day @thewaitresses?

We were ready so that the second he'd had a wee, we could go around the block or nip to the park. I guess not so easy with twins, as they'll be weeing at different times.

Today was DS first day at nursery, and he didn't have a single accident! Got all the way there fine, and went and told them every time he needed to go, so surprised, as the potty's are kept in a different room (bathroom), and there's lots of distractions happening. He had a tiny bit of poop on his bottoms when we got home, but it was a case of needing to go and holding it in, because when we got in the door he went properly on the potty. So I'll take that!

We're off to a small soft play tomorrow, I figured they'll have seen children do all sorts in there, I'll go armed with antibac wipes and change of clothes and hope for the best! He's probably saving all his accidents for me!

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thewaitresses Wed 02-Jan-19 20:17:02

Wow! Well done to your ds! That's amazing.
I'm getting myself all tied up in knots about whether I'm doing things right 😱!
After saying I was going to stay home all day, dh offered to take the girls out for the day as he's back to work tomorrow. I caved as I really wanted to put the decs away so after a nappy free morning they went out with nappies on.
When they got back in the afternoon they screamed about having their nappies off and are getting more reluctant about sitting on the potty. I don't want to confuse them but also life keeps on happening!
I keep reading things about not using pull-ups, just going cold turkey on nappies and I'm worried this might be happening.
However I know that the nanny, who's minded countless children, including four of her own, is much more keen on a gradual approach (ie nappy free time with pull-ups for times they're needed).
The other issue, which you mentioned before, is that they're not keen on wearing anything on their bottom half without a nappy.
If I can get them into leggings tomorrow I'm going to go about our day as usual, no nappies, and just see how it goes!

SPR1107 Wed 02-Jan-19 21:54:31

Maybe they're getting a little confused because they're spending half the day with one on.
We don't ask DS if he wants to use the potty, we just point out that it's there if he needs to do a wee wee. On the first day when he had an accident on the floor, we just sort of said 'whoops, mummy will clean this up but next time, your wee wee needs to go in your potty'. Then by the end of that day, it started to register.
I really found the Oh Crap book helpful. Would their nanny not consider reading it if that was your preferred method too?
If not, there are some cheat sheets in it that basically summarises it all.

P.S If someone offered me a child free afternoon, I'd of done the exact same!

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thewaitresses Wed 02-Jan-19 22:07:37

🙈 anything for a child free afternoon!

Thank you - saying that you don't ask, just point out, makes so much sense. The girls are getting so angry with me constantly asking!!

SPR1107 Thu 03-Jan-19 17:52:51

So today, we had one 'on purpose' accident.. he'd been asked to go and sit on the step for kicking me, (only thing that calms him down), so he weed on the floor.
But we went to the playbarn commando with joggers on, and he came and told me every time he needed to go. I left the potty out next to me as a visual reminder, and sat myself next to the toilets so we could nip in the second he needed to, we had one wee on the potty in the playbarn seating area because he was shouting 'QUICKLY!'... not sure what the etiquette is for that, but he was fairly hidden and nobody batted an eyelid.
We got home and he had a nap, woke up shouting 'I NEED A WEE'... thumbs up that he recognised it... thumbs down that it get his normal 1 hour 20 nap, to 40 minutes!
All wees and poos completely unprompted on the potty this afternoon so I put some pants on him to test run, and he instantly weed. I read up and it says tight pants set off muscle memory which makes them think they have a nappy on... could be nonsense but either way it made him really upset, so we're sticking with commando for a few more days!

Anyone else found pants a bit on the small side? These were 3-4 and were snug, in going to have to get 4-5 or 5-6... he's only 2.4 (although sizeable)

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Labmum Thu 03-Jan-19 18:41:24

Today was DS's first day back at nursery and as he's still not verbalising that he needs to go and requires prompting I honestly thought we'd have LOADS of accidents but he only had one late-afternoon which tends to be when he has an accident if he has one as he no longer naps and that's when he tends to get the most tired. So hopefully he can keep it up again tomorrow!

InMyOwnParticularIdiom Thu 03-Jan-19 19:46:40

Started training DD 2.3 on Monday, we went nude on the bottoms for the first 3 days.

Monday and Tuesday we were grabbing her whenever she started to wee and putting her on the potty, but couldn't see any giveaway sign that she was about to go. Felt like I was doing it all wrong.

Then yesterday I spotted a little cross legged thing she does when she needs to go, and since then have caught everything in the potty smile Oncoming poos are more obvious because she does laps of the kitchen table then tells us to go away in the other room!

Today she wore joggers (commando underneath) and we even walked to the corner shop.

Gathering the courage to get the bus into town tomorrow. It's a pain in the arse that I failed my driving test last month, because with buses it takes 30-40 mins to get anywhere. But if I stay housebound too much longer my depression will kick in so I need to bite the bullet.

thewaitresses Thu 03-Jan-19 21:00:18

🙌🙌 everyone's doing so well! We've had a complete mixed bag today. T1 started the day with lots of accidents - poo included, but ended the day with two wees on the toilet that she told us she was about to do so we could get her there on time. T2 started off enthusiastically sitting on the potty with no real luck and ended it screaming blue murder in protest at the potty and doing two huge wees on the kitchen floor.
However, we've done our first official day of no nappies all day so I'm considering today to be a success (even though I'm already dreading tomorrow!)

InMyOwnParticularIdiom Fri 04-Jan-19 13:10:06

Went into town this morning and it was ok! DD used the toilet insert before we went out and then she didn't need to go while we were in town (I offered the travel potty twice). She didn't go after we got in either and now is down for her nap with a nappy on - could she have been withholding because she knows she gets a nappy after lunch??

Overall a positive tho, can start going to our usual playgroups again when they start up next week.

SPR1107 Fri 04-Jan-19 19:24:24

I would definitely consider that a success @thewaitresses.

Maybe she just didn't need to go @InMyOwnParticularIdiom. DS didn't go from 2 until 5.30 today, we went to the shops and to a group, I took the travel potty, but he didn't need to go until we got home again.

We are accident free today, and had joggers on all day! Hoping to crack wearing pants within the week. Also wondering how long I'll need to carry the travel potty around with me before he's comfortable being plonked on a normal loo.

On the thought of making progress with this, dummy weaning has been crossing my mind. Anyone else use one? Dreading that waaaaaaay more that potty training

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