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When did you start potty training?

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siobhan8686 Sat 29-Dec-18 22:32:46

My little boy is 3 in feb and still in nappies. We've tried to potty train him but he's just not getting it. But he is showing some signs. He's voluntarily sat on the toilet when he sees his big cousin doing it, and knows when he's done/doing a poo. When and how did you potty train your little ones? Tips and advice please 😁

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PurdysChocolate Sat 29-Dec-18 22:48:40

My little girl is the same age, she'll be 3 in Jan. We trained about six months ago. First try was unsuccessful, she just peed where she stood but second attempt a month later she started to sit on the potty. We stayed home for a week and she was nude from the waist down so she didn't have to worry about clothes. We rewarded with chocolate buttons. It was a bit up and down for a couple months, some days she was great and some days she had multiple accidents. She's pretty reliable now though.

SPR1107 Sat 29-Dec-18 22:48:56

Tomorrow will be day 4 for us, and he is 2.4. We read the OH Crap book.. it's a little waffley, but pick out the bits that are relevant for you and adapt them to your child.

We've noticed our little boy needs privacy, so we've had to create a potty corner where he feels like he isn't being eyeballed.

There's stuff in that book that I would have done had i not read it.. such as saying to him 'do you need a wee', which instead we just say 'the potty is over there if you need a wee wee'. If he weed on the floor I'd of said 'oops doesn't matter, was just an accident', but instead it says to say things such as' next time the wee wee goes in the potty not on the floor'
And I'd of put him in pants... thanks to the book he's been butt naked for three solid days, tomorrow is his first day with trousers on, but it says to start them off commando in joggers, then progress from there.

The book splits it in to three blocks, so it sort of helps give you a goal, getting to end of each block. And realistically shows how long each part should take.

Good luck!

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