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Help! Our 3 year old will not poo in the potty and is getting anxiety

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saraha1420 Thu 27-Dec-18 00:32:19

Weve been potty training for around 4 months now with pees completely fine and no accidents during the day or at night. But poos are a complete nightmare... if we leave him with no bottoms on he will go to potty but will become incredible anxious and circle potty for an hour or so before and will not eat or drink while waiting. We've have tried everything encouragement, treats, diverting attention to no avail. When hes out and about with pants or nappy he will poo in it and not ask for the toilet. We are at our wits end and cant see how to help our baby feel less anxious, please help any advice welcome! sad

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lilyfire Thu 27-Dec-18 00:44:10

Have you tried the book ‘Poo goes to Pooland’? It’s downloadable. Worked really well for my 3 year old who had the same problem.

tittietinsel Thu 27-Dec-18 00:46:23

Give him a nappy and take a break from it.

saraha1420 Thu 27-Dec-18 01:51:08

no havent heard of it. I'll order it! Thankyou

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saraha1420 Thu 27-Dec-18 01:54:00

Bless you! I know i just dont want to go back the way with it. SO confused by it all.

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