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night nappy

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bakergirl100 Sun 16-Dec-18 21:29:56

hi, my daughter is 3 (four in february), she has been day trained for around 4 months now still has nighttime problems. we have tried lots of different brands but she is still waking up soaking wet and this is disrupting her sleep. she normally sleeps for around 12 hours and even if i change her she will leak. we have tried all of the tips from other posters on here like only water, double voiding bladder, drinking lots in day, no blackcurrent or dark drinks and none of it seems to be working. we have been using the drynites for “older” kids but they have been rubbish and they are so expensive, we have tried the pampers nappy pants which were equally as bad and leaked within an hour of her wearing them, we are using the aldi pull ups atm and they leak 5/7 nights. My daughter is obviously very upset when she wets the bed and she also likes getting in mine and my husbands bed which she often were in so it’s double bedding most nights which is tiring me and is very unsustainable. If anyone has some recommendations that would be great! (not a cloth fan) Thanks C x

chloe1100 Sun 16-Dec-18 21:37:57


I don’t know if this will help you but my 5yr old son still wears nappies. He wears the Pampers Baby Dry, we find them really good especially as they go up to a Size 8 now. You may find a proper nappy better especially as you’re kiddo is a bit younger and as you mentioned smaller. It’s a tabbed nappy so you will be able to fasten it to a better size so it should not leak. Hope this helps.

Chloe x

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