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Hard Stool evil Cycle

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BilingualMum1 Mon 05-Nov-18 11:44:18


My DD (2yo) is having trouble with hard stool. A few months ago she had an episode of hard stool and, since then, she doesn't want to poop. We see her making an effort on keeping it in. This causes an evil cycle where her body releases a liquid that makes the stool even harder (a doctor explained this) therefore it gets more and more difficult.

She is on Lactulose (laxative) 10ml once a day, she eats loads of fruits (no vegetables) and we put smashed prunes in her yoghurts, ice creams, etc. We try to introduce as much fiber as we can but she is a very fuzzy eater when it comes to vegetables.

We are desperate here. This has been going on for months and, when we took her to the doctor to discard any physical problems, the answer was to increase the lactulose dose (which we did, with no change).

Any advise? Tips?

Thank you!

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