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Do I put my 2.9 month old back in nappies?

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RC000 Sun 03-Feb-19 21:15:20

No nappy - kept in pants. If she had an accident i waited for her to tell me and where possible, encouraged her to take her bottoms off to get clean (didn't always work)

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RC000 Sun 03-Feb-19 21:14:07

I just tried to be more relaxed (hard I know) as people kept telling me it will come. Also made a funny joke about fartinf etc and lota of choc buttons after a success. Good luck!

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HappyAndYouKnowItGlugTheWine Sun 03-Feb-19 20:02:15

Oh thank you! I'm sat here massively over panicking that I'll somehow have a 19yr old son who still asks for nappy pants for a poo! grin did you just continue to let DC go in pants or a nappy until one day it just worked? Did you try anything in particular to crack the situation??

RC000 Sun 03-Feb-19 16:37:59

Yes! Hang in there! Suddenly something just clicked and poos started to happen! It will come! Minimal fuss from me over accidents but big cheers for successes x

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HappyAndYouKnowItGlugTheWine Sun 03-Feb-19 14:04:59

Have things improved OP? Been potty training DS for 2 weeks (2.5yr old). He does all his wees in the potty but refuses to poo in potty or toilet. Have tried naked from waist down and it worked once and he did a big poo in the potty which we were all praising him for, but since then it's not worked. He will poo in trousers or a nappy and always does it standing up. It's clear when he needs to go. At my wits end trying to figure out how to help him! We've tried Pooland, blowing bubbles already too.

RC000 Fri 02-Nov-18 10:17:58

Thanks all

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HomegrownAlligator Fri 02-Nov-18 10:14:13

When my dc went through a phase of not being fussed if they had an accident I put pull ups over their pants. They felt uncomfortable when they had an accident and got the wet/dirty feeling against their skin. It also meant I had far less mess to clear up as it was contained! The phase will soon pass.

Gobblebox Fri 02-Nov-18 09:55:54

Yes yes. I’ve never potty trained. Just made the toilet child friendly (step and cushioned seat attachment) and and a nice space and found they started to use it voluntarily. No pressure and less stress. No teenagers in nappies smile. It did help that we’ve always had a downstairs toilet. This approach may be more difficult if it’s upstairs.

missyB1 Fri 02-Nov-18 09:48:31

Poos often take longer for them to get used to. I remember quite a few poo accidents. I wouldn't personally give up just keep an eye on when she needs a poo and what her bowel routine is and get her to sit on in time if possible. Down play any accidents - so that she doesn't feel they are rewarded by a big fuss. But huge praise for every poo in the toilet.

Haggisfish Fri 02-Nov-18 09:44:37

We put a nappy on for a poo, so dd came and squawked ‘poo’ at us and we would hurriedly put nappy on to catch it! It’s quite common to be a bit odd with poos apparently.

lpchill Fri 02-Nov-18 09:41:02

We had the same issue with our DD she was 2 though. We just put nappies back on but still encouraged gently. Few weeks later tried again and she done a lot better with the potty training. We ended up putting nappies back on three times in total but each time potty training got a lot better.

RC000 Fri 02-Nov-18 09:35:22

Bump. Help!

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RC000 Wed 31-Oct-18 19:50:02

Hi wise ones...

V strong willed DD. Been 9 weeks of potty training. Wees generally ok now (still some accidents) but can count on one hand how many poos in potty. Flat out refuses toilet. Says she is scared and doesn't like it (but in a dramatic jokey fashion - she is a bit of a madam) The successful poos so far have been one at nursery, 4 others at home where she wanted one of the poo presents. Bleak day today with 3 poo and a wee accident. She ia not fussed. Should I go back to nappies and try again in a few weeka or plough on? Expecting another baby in June so really wanted it sortes by then when she will be 3.5.

Have tried poo goes to pooland. She loved it but no luck!

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