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Is it just a regression?

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HP07 Tue 30-Oct-18 19:02:18

My son started potty training at the beginning of septem when he was 23 months old. I appreciate this is fairly early especially for a boy but he instigated it and was happy to use the potty for poo and wee.

He was doing really well and getting 100% of poos in the potty and most of his wees with sometime one accident a day and other days completely dry. He was asking for wees when he needed to go and doing well. We put him in pants pretty much straight away. We do occasionally still need to use nappies as I’m not prepared to let him have an accident at certain activities he takes part in but we still make sure he has regular toilet trips.

In the last two months he has had 3 illnesses, tonsillitis, vomiting bug and a bad cough and cold, I think this is relevant as he tends to regression completely at these points and to be honest I’m not surprised if he is feeling poorly.

Well he’s just getting over the cold and is still a little off but the last two days we have been getting back on track. My problem is that he’s stopped telling me when he needs to have a wee so I just have to take him at regular intervals as if you ask him he will just say no. However he has always been great at taking himself to the potty if he has no trousers/pants on, so if we are home he is often bottomless due to the fact I also have a 4 month old and I’m sometimes busy feeding her etc and it means he can go when he needs to.

He’s now started setting himself even when he can take himself to the potty but the weird part is that he look down as if he’s surprised it happened. Could it be that he can’t tell he needs to go now even though previously he could?

I don’t want to go backwards with the potty training or put him back in nappies full time as we were doing so well but any ideas?

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