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Help with potty training 3 year old

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lyssie29 Sun 28-Oct-18 19:00:40

My DD has just turned 3 she's half out of nappies and half wearing pull ups. The reason i pull ups on her is when we go out she says she wants to go to the toilet every 5 minutes. I take her she sits on toilet then gets straight bk off and says she doesn't need it anymore. I'll take her bk out sit down and she'll say she needs it again. How do I stop this? Its a game fot her. Ive resorted to telling her to stop telling me and to go in her pull up which is obviously not really what I want. In the house she does wee in the toilet now with the occasional accident but I'm having trouble with poos also. She has always had little poos throughout the day. Not just one bm so sometimes in the space of say 2 hours she would have gone through 3 nappies from 3 seperate BM. She is doing the same in underwear now. She doesn't want to go to the toilet or potty for a poo she just stands and does it in her underwear so I'm cleaning 3 or more pairs a day just with poo on then plus a couple of wee accidents. What should I do? She doesn't say when she needs a poo. Sometimes I just get so sick of cleaning her up I put on a pull up. All these pull ups are holding her back though. She needs to be out of nappies as she starts nursery soon. Should I just take her out in her underwear and take plenty of changes of clothes?

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holycityzoo Sun 28-Oct-18 19:16:17

Yes. It's a total pain but yes you need to ditch the pull ups.
If she wets or poos don't acknowledge it just change her and say next time try and do it in the potty or toilet please.
She will get it eventually, I've got 4 dc and it was my least favourite thing!

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