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Advice - Child started weeing herself

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Annamam Sat 27-Oct-18 21:23:54

My four year old had been dry for 2 years through day and 18 months through the night.
In may she started wetting the bed every night till now.
For about a month she has had accident through the day a few times a week.
Today I noticed she hasn't wet herself but sort of started weeing then stopped herself and went to toilet. That has happened about 3 times just today.
I have took her to doctors last week and he did glucose test which was negative and has sent referral to specialist because he could think why this was happening.
I’ve noticed my daughter is trying to hide if her knickers are wet.
Just wondering if anyone has had this happen with their child or has any advice at what could be causing this?
I know she is only four but concerned as she was dry for so long with not one accident.


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Annamam Mon 29-Oct-18 20:44:25

Anyone? 😕

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Redken24 Mon 29-Oct-18 20:46:30

Has there been any other changes?
Is she sleeping well?
Eating normally?
Behaviour normal for her?
Did the doctor do any other test's etc urine?
Hopefully help bump

Annamam Mon 29-Oct-18 22:02:28

Thanks for reply.
The only thing in may that changed is she started playing out.
She has always been a really good sleeper and still is.
She has never been a good eater( would live on chicken dippers if I allowed it)
The test the doctor did tested for a few other things ( can’t remember what) but they were all normal. He couldn’t think why she had started.

I have noticed a little change in her self, some day she is her normal self and other she is so moody and there is no talking to her.
She is stubborn by nature though 😜

Thanks again!

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