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Day 2 lots of wet pants? Help?

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Kml95 Mon 22-Oct-18 14:33:15

Potty training my 2.2 year old, following the oh crap book. Yesterday day 1 he mastered weeing on potty when naked, mostly prompted by me when I can see him doing his wee wee dance, but once he took himself there aswell.
Day 2 and I have put trousers and no under wear on him, and he can take the bottoms up and down himself.
First wee wet trousers. Second wee I said go and sit on the potty and have a wee and then went to the kitchen to make his food, and I hear mummy I done it! And he had weed in potty.
Since then it's all gone wrong, he's wet 5 or 6 pairs of trousers, and only done one more wee on the potty? I can see when he needs one and tell him to go, but he is playing and either says no or sit for a few seconds and then says done and carry on playing. But he hasn't actually done anything. Then he wets himself.
I ask every half hour unless I can see he needs a wee then I ask but he gets frustrated and angry with me?
Anyone else had this?
Shall I back off a bit, ask less maybe?
Feeling overwhelmed... But determines to persevere..

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Emmafh3 Thu 25-Oct-18 12:19:07

You're not alone! I found it better when I didn't ask if she needed a wee but to remind her to tell me when she did and reminded her to try for a wee when I knew she'd be needing one soon.
We still have leaks because the distractions of play are serious!
I find it best when I take her away from distractions and get her to focus on her body.
In the early days we took books and toys to the toilet with us until the deed was done!

ILikTheBred Thu 25-Oct-18 12:26:09

In my bitter experience of training 3 boys - keep going for another few days but if there isn’t major progress put him back in nappies for another while. When they’re ready it happens quite quickly, when they’re not it’s pure torture. 2.2 is still quite young, especially for boys.

Elmer123 Thu 25-Oct-18 12:46:02

Thank you for the reply! We are on day 5 now and so much better.
Day 2 I literally wanted to cry. Day 4 was hard still,
And yesterday he just seemed to get it, and no accidents. I've got the rest of the week off at home with him! And then back to nursery part time..

Elmer123 Thu 25-Oct-18 12:47:55

Sorry i change my username so that's quite confusing

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