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How long until they get used to using potty/toilet

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lyssie29 Sat 20-Oct-18 15:19:08

How long does it typically take? Started training my DD about a week ago but just in the house. She is still not consistently going especially for poos and today has got herself upset because she pooed in her pants and it went all over her and is now sitting in a pull up. She will still go to potty with pull up but it seems shes scared incase she poos herself. Her playgroup have also asked that for now she go in pull ups as she was wetting herself so much but does ok with wees at home. Thought after a few days she'd be used to it. Once her sister realised it was ok to go without nappy on she was dry day and night after 2 days. What would you do? Should I just take away pull ups and do underwear all the time and just deal with the accidents until she's used to it? I dont know if using pull ups sometimes is confusing her.

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