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Pooing in pants issues

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mum2benicole Sun 14-Oct-18 19:30:08

Hi my ds is 3 and started potty training around the end of July. He's doing so well and dose very little accidents wee wise. But I'm fi ding the poo part really hard, he's just not wanting to do it on the potty or toilet so is basically starting his poo in his pants before he will sit and finish it on the potty. Today he's lightly pood in 2 pairs of under wear before having a poo on the toilet. He says he's scared and crus and is upset to go on the toilet. I do try and sit with him detract him best I can but not sure we hat eles I can do. Any advice welcome
Thanks in advance xx

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tyana1407 Wed 31-Oct-18 18:02:17

My 2.8 year old was doing really well and was potty trained.
This last week she has stopped telling me when she needs to go. I know she needs to go as she stands there wriggling but when I ask if she needs to go she lies.
She keeps having accidents.
Please help.

smorgasborgen Sat 29-Dec-18 20:26:53

Mum2benicole, I'm in the same position. It's being going on for months!
His poo in his pants is sort a bit sticky and putty like. Very frustrating.

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