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Cold turkey

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lyssie29 Wed 10-Oct-18 09:38:21

My DD is 3 on Monday and for the past few weeks I've been getting so frustrated as she has started running away from me when she needs her nappy changed so I've told her this morning that she has lost her nappies now and is wearing big girl pants. So far she's been wearing them 2 hours and hasn't wet herself or even gone on the potty. What should I expect from the first day? I was expecting more accidents by now could she be holding it in or is she just ready and knows she doesnt need it yet? I'm just asking as she's at playgroup later and I don't know whether to put a nappy on or just take several pair of pants!

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60sname Wed 10-Oct-18 10:28:23

I think you'll need to help her make that association, probably by having a few accidents.
We've just done this (same age) and it was literally a few days of damp patches around the place while he figured out the sensation and then it clicked and he started taking himself to the potty, no accidents. Wees every 1-2 hours. But this is around the house, I'm expecting it to be trickier outside the home! We stayed in for a few days to start things off.

lyssie29 Wed 10-Oct-18 19:03:23

I think it's gone ok she eventually did wet herself and has done maybe about 4 times through the day until she asked for nappy for a poo. She didn't poo in it but wee'd but then took her nappy straight off and said it was dirty now so I think shes starting to understand that she's wetting herself so I'll do the same tomoro. Hopefully she'll get it a bit more tomorrow and go in her potty.

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