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Day 1

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tinygirlsmum Sun 07-Oct-18 17:21:30

My 2 year old wanted her nappy off so it's off and she's in the same room as her potty and chart. Great so far but she's weeing in the potty every 30 mins! Is it too early to potty train or is she just doing it for a sticker? She just jumps up from what she's doing, declares "wee wees!" And goes on the potty!

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teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 08-Oct-18 18:20:48

2 is definitely not too early. Potty training norms are getting later and later but is definitely not early.

It sounds like she's well on her way so I'd keep going.

tinygirlsmum Mon 08-Oct-18 19:20:48

Thanks. Had the same again this afternoon so will maybe just keep it up when we're home and let her take it at her own pace

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