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distantstars Wed 26-Sep-18 17:19:16

My DD is 3 in January, we have had the odd day at home with no bottoms on and she will quite happily use the potty for wee and poo without being prompted.

Now what? I have planned to be home for next few days to get it fully cracked... if possible.

I've tried her with no nappy and leggings but with the leggings on she has accidents.

How do we progress from potty use at home when naked to wearing knickers to being dry through out the day when out and about?

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soloula Wed 26-Sep-18 17:21:28

There's a great wee book called Oh Crap that I found really helpful.

With DD2 we struggled with leggings initially and I found that no pants and a dress or skirt was easiest to make the transition as it got her used to something covering her bum without the tightness of the leggings that seemed to mimic nappies iykwim.

distantstars Wed 26-Sep-18 17:23:47

Ooh yes good idea with the skirts/dresses ... will give that a go! X

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