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Won't go to childminder toilet at all!

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Amy7614 Tue 25-Sep-18 18:45:15

Hi just wondering if somebody could give me any tips or help. My little girl is 2 1/2. I started potty training her about 8 weeks ago. We very rare get any accidents which are number 1 but number 2 are very hit and miss. She goes to childminder to a day and half a week. And she is alwayd having accidents , she refuses to use toilet. Iv tried her taking the potty reward charts stickers. The older kids have tried her to talk her into going . I'm starting to doubt myself have I done her to soon? She can go out for days out and have no accidents and tell us she need the toilet she even used a porter loo! She seems to have a fear of the childminder toilet... but we can't work out what it is. I feel so bad for the childminder coz she keeps having accidents. But I feel she to far along with us to go back to knickers. Any help would be great.

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DinoGreen Wed 26-Sep-18 13:23:33

My DS had similar issues at nursery for a few weeks - he would happily wee there but didn’t like doing a poo and had quite a few poo accidents. No advice really as it just resolved itself after a few weeks. Is there anything she specifically doesn’t like about the childminder’s toilet? Would it help to take her own toddler seat from home etc so it feels similar?

stuckasachild Wed 26-Sep-18 13:38:44

Hi, is it possible that she's too shy to ask childminder or feels she can't interrupt cm if she's busy with other children? Is she 'allowed ' to access the toilet alone and shout for help wiping? Could cm put a potty in the corner of the room so your dd doesn't have to use the toilet? Am sure she will crack it soon smile

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