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Helping DD feel comfortable to poo on potty

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SoulToSqueeze Wed 12-Sep-18 20:00:39

We started potty training 2 days ago with DD, she's 2.4. As she's our first we have absolutely no experience with potty training at all and I have no clue if we are going about it the right way or not.

She seems to have picked up weeing on the potty quite quickly. 3 accidents on the floor on day 1, 1 yesterday and so far none today. She can't quite get the hang of taking off her big girl pants so if she is wearing them she just sits on the potty and wees through them so today we haven't used them at all and all has been good, but she just flat out refuses to poo on the potty at all!

She didn't poo at all the first 2 days which worried me as she has suffered from constipation a few times in the past which has caused her pain. Today she clearly wanted to poo and no amount of encouragement or praise convinced her to poo on the potty. She held it until naptime when I put her back into a nappy to go to sleep.

I know it's still very early on but I'm wondering if anyone has any tried and tested ways of putting their DC at ease to poo on the potty. She tends to hold it in when people make a fuss or speak to her about needing a poo, which then results in the dreaded constipation, so I'm just worried it will take a long time for her to have the confidence to do it on the potty

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SoulToSqueeze Wed 12-Sep-18 20:00:58

Bloody paragraph fail as usual

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sundaysunday Wed 12-Sep-18 20:22:27

My just turned 2 yr old has got the hang of wees on the potty but will only do poos on the toilet. Could you try a toddler seat on the toilet?

SoulToSqueeze Wed 12-Sep-18 20:34:37

That's definitely worth a try! It didn't actually occur to me that she may go on the toilet since she won't use the potty (at the moment)

She follows me to the toilet every single time I go and likes to pretend to go after me so I'll get a seat and see if it works

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Doje Wed 12-Sep-18 21:03:48

DS 2 took a bit of persuading. For a long time he just did his poo at night time when he had a nappy on.

I didn't put any pressure on him, but let him know if he did do a poo on the potty then he (and his brother of course) got a marshmallow. It just meant it stayed in his mind I think.

He also used to hold my hands to poo for a long time! 😂


We blew bubbles whilst DD3 sat on the potty. It's a distraction and the blowing (breathing out) the bubbles helps relax them making it more fun.

sundaysunday Wed 12-Sep-18 22:01:28

I've also found that pj bottoms are easier for little ones to pull up and down than pants/knickers, although we started off with him completely bare bottom half until he got confident taking himself to the potty. Only trouble is that he now pulls his bottoms down about 3 foot away from the potty so then has to shuffle towards it with trousers round his ankles!

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