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2 year old waking several times at night to wee

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whenitsover Fri 31-Aug-18 12:25:59

Thank you....I think you’re right, it will pass. Just need something to help me with the bags under my eyes!

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thewinehasgonetomyhead Thu 30-Aug-18 23:06:58

Oh man it’s so hard! They always come up with a curve ball somewhere don’t they. No advice really OP but I feel your pain. DD1 picked up on potty training so quickly but then would only poop in her knickers! Doh! Luckily that’s all passed now. I guess I’m trying to say it will pass, it’s probably because it’s a huge novelty for her at the moment, and she’s learned (quite rightly) that using the potty gets praise and attention so she maybe thinks why not give it a go at night when she naturally wakes anyway. Good luck OP, I bet in a weeks time she’ll be back to normal.

whenitsover Thu 30-Aug-18 23:01:29

Good tip! I might think of a treat I can give her for breakfast so there’s instant gratification (blueberries and strawberries) May work a treat or even a few minutes to watch Peppa Pig! Thanks so much!

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user1495997773 Thu 30-Aug-18 21:45:56

Tricky one, of course you want her to use the potty if she needs to go in the night, but she needs to understand that after she's used it she must go back to bed. Others may disagree, but I'd try a bit of bribery promoting good behaviour through the strategic use of incentives. It could be something as simple as buying her a special pack of smarties (or whatever treat she doesn't have very often) that only she can have, and she would only have one after a 'peaceful' night where no-one else is woke up after she uses the potty. If you don't want to use sweets, you could promise her a small toy or magazine after an agreed period of peaceful nights. My DC always responded well to this sort of thing. Good luck! X

whenitsover Thu 30-Aug-18 10:33:20

So a few weeks ago, we began potty training our dd. She’s two and half. She is clean and dry recently during the day even in her daytime naps. She has now taken it upon herself to be clean and dry at night (I wasn’t planning on this as I didn’t think she would be ready / too young). At night as she’s in her bed she will wake up and call out for me for her to use the potty. We do keep a potty in her room (cleaned obviously but is that gross??) for her to use but without a light it’s hard to use. So she wakes up frequently during the night to wee. Most of the time she does wee and goes back to bed, but on other occasions she wakes up to use the potty, doesn’t wee and then doesn’t want to go back to sleep. This is a real shocker as she’s been and excellent sleeper and I’m not handling the lack of sleep very well. Anyone experienced this, and if so what tips / tricks would yo recommend? We have explained to her that after she uses the potty to go back to bed (she has a gro clock in her room to help her distinguish between sleep and wake up time), but it’s not helping. When she does wake i keep conversation to a minimum and tuck her into bed and wish good night. I am a zombie at the mo so welcome ideas!

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