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Summer holiday regression

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Jaffacakesfordinner Tue 28-Aug-18 12:18:06

Hiya im posting on behalf of my SIL

Niece is 3 and 10 months. She has been dry since around her 3rd birthday and dry at night since about 3yr3months. All was fine except the odd accident when she's left it a bit late. Confident to use any toilet anywhere and potty next to bed if she wakes in the night. Able to hold for a short time after announcing (quick trip in the car to the shop down the road etc). In nursery 5 afternoons a week but has been dry on 2 full day school trips to fun and distracting places (sundown and thomas land/drayton manor) including coach travel etc.

All this was until summer holidays.

Shes now very rarely using the toilet or potty at all and is really defiant about being made to go. Tried all the "im going for a wee do you want a try...weve all got to go cause sister needs me to take her and you cant stay here alone" etc but even if sat on the toilet she will shout "i said i dont need!!" And then pee herself 5minutes later. Shes trying to hide it when shes wet too so she knows she shouldnt. Sample sent to drs and no sign of uti.. deffo not constipated, regular and soft. She even hid around the corner in a shop the other day and peed on the floor, wasnt an accident as in she left it too late, she never told anyone she needed to go and deliberately hid to do it.

Does anyone have experience of this? Do you think itll self fix when shes back at school next week?

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Jaffacakesfordinner Tue 28-Aug-18 12:20:27

I should also note she is no longer dry at night - but this could be first morning wee in bed rather than wetting in sleep?

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billybagpuss Tue 28-Aug-18 12:25:44

Don't stress it, yes she will self fix in time when she's back into routine.

Summer holidays are often the catalyst for all sorts of different behaviours. Maybe try pull ups again for a few days, don't make an issue of it or she may use it for attention and have a really relaxing few days before going back to school.

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