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shitwithsugaron Tue 28-Aug-18 10:04:52

DD (3 in November) has been dry in the day since February this year. She's doing great with wees. But my god we cannot crack poos and it's becoming a drain now. She has trouble going to the loo and takes Paediatric CosmoCol every morning which helps. We go through phases where she'll quite happily go on the potty or the toilet. Sometimes she needs us to go with her which is fine.

And then, like now, we'll go through a phase where she'll just poo in her pants. No warning, no advanced notice and most of the time apart from the smell that tells us, she won't even tell us she's been.

It's getting absolutely soul destroying to keep having to clean her up, wash countless pairs of underwear, leggings and so on plus stuff around the house. And it must be awful for her too but I just cannot get through to her.

After about 5 pairs of pants yesterday, (all ranging from a skid mark to a huge full blown poo that she didn't tell us about so it sort of compacted into the shape of her bum) I've become every down about it and I can't see how I can help her.

She starts school nursery next week and I'm absolutely dreading it for her sake.

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Playitagainsam Tue 28-Aug-18 21:04:55

That sounds super stressful. Have you spoken to ERIC? They are a charity with a hotline you can call for advice for any children’s bowel or bladder troubles.
Could she be really constipated and it’s more like a frequent leak that she can’t control?

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