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Opinions, potty training when toddler is talking or before?

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MotherBarr Tue 21-Aug-18 19:09:52

My two and a half year old doesn't talk yet and people keep asking me when I'm gonna start potty training, but I'm not sure it's worth starting until he's taking. Don't wanna try when it could push him back. I've not even bought a potty yet, been looking for one, but keep putting it off

People keep saying just buy a potty and let him sit on it for a good a hour or so but tbh I don't think he would.

I think I will know when he's ready, cause at the minute when he wants something he will take us to it, or point at it. He even takes himself to bed after his bath. He knows what his wants and he will go and get it. So my thoughts are when he's ready to use a potty/toilet he will show us in some way or another

Just want people opinion on potty training and what they found best potty, seat on toilet with stool ect

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you smile

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WinterBabyIsComing Tue 21-Aug-18 20:18:52

Don't sit him on a potty for an hour.

You could start asking him about using the potty toilet and popping him on it before a bath, after a nappy change etc which will help him understand. Does he sign? I would think you are going to need some sort of sign if he's not talking so that you know if hat he wants rather than just leading you somewhere.

Ultimately, you can't force it, you can give t a go, if he doesn't seem ready leave it for a while and try again in a few months.

BrokenLink Tue 21-Aug-18 20:25:31

Potty training will not work until he has very good understanding of your language and some language skills of his own. You can start by getting some potty training books and showing him how people use the toilet.

WhatAmISupposedToBeDoing Tue 21-Aug-18 20:27:20

DD has verbal dyspraxia, I managed to get her toilet trained at 3.1 when she couldn't even manage a coherent 2 word sentence, but her understanding and signing were good.

statetrooperstacey Tue 21-Aug-18 20:27:54

Do it when he is ready. When he can hold it and signal he needs to go. Being able to control you bladder happens at different ages for different children. Nothing to do with speech, age or intelligence. Buy a £2 basic one or several! My first daughter was toilet trained reliably
Day and night by 2 yrs old. My next 3 boys were about 3 and a half!!
If people ask when you are going to do it just say 'when he is ready ' . Don't be influenced by them telling you he is too old for nappies, he is still very young.

MotherBarr Tue 21-Aug-18 20:56:59

Thanks for your reply's

I always say when he's ready just wasn't sure when I would know if he was ready

He's very good with understand what been asked ect. He just doesn't talk says a few words, takes you to food when he wants it (only when he's peckish not for meal time ect) shows you where the colouring stuff is when he wants to colour and understands naught step, bath time ect.

Think I will just buy a standard potty and book for now so he can look at pictures and look at the potty ect.

Just didn't know if it was too soon for him to start or if it would be easier going straight to toilet with a seat as don't wanna confusing by teaching him with potty and then teaching that a potty is a toilet if that makes senses

Thanks again smile

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Fatted Tue 21-Aug-18 21:02:35

My youngest has similar speech to your DC. He's 3 now and think he may have selective mutism. He can and will talk, but only when he wants to. I didn't potty train either of my boys until nearer 3. I think it was around Easter holidays we potty trained him and he was 3 in May. With my youngest, he was used to having the potty around and eldest going to the toilet, so I just gently encouraged him to have a try when he was getting changed etc before completely ditching nappies.

rachal10 Tue 21-Aug-18 21:07:39

Hi, I probably would keep him in nappies for now 2 and a half isnt old and certianlly shouldnt be a concern to you. He will get it in his own time, when he starts showing signs dont hesitate to start. Signs of him being dryer, him being able to hold it, him telling you he need to go or has been, him not liking nappies (taking them off or wanting to be changed) and him using the potty.

InDubiousBattle Tue 21-Aug-18 21:15:36

We bought a potty for ds when he was around 2 ish despite him not talking then. I waited until he could talk to actually potty train though. In the end he was about 3.5 when we did it and it took a day.

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 22-Aug-18 07:40:30

They don't need t be talking in sentences for potty training. They need to be able to follow an instruction and be able to communicate something they want (could be tantrum, pointing, signing, single word etc)

You don't need to sit him on it for an hour though. That's just getting a wee by luck. I like the 'Oh Crap' method for talking you through it in a logical sequence.

Eesha Wed 22-Aug-18 20:25:53

Following - my friend, who is a doctor, trained hers in a weekend when they were approx 3-3.5yrs. I was planning to do the same as she advised waiting till they spoke more as it’s so much quicker. However my ex has been hassling me, saying they should be trained by now (23months).

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 22-Aug-18 21:24:36

I think it depends on how you look at readiness. Are they ready when they can be taught where to wee/poo or are they ready when you take off a nappy and they already know what to do?

I don't think getting over the worst of potty training should take more than a few days for most children and I don't think speech is an indicator of readiness. As all parenting decisions, most of it is down to personal opinion and approach (whether you're a doctor or not, IMHO)

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