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Won't sit unless she needs to go and poo issue

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Smarshian Sun 19-Aug-18 16:15:35

So we are on day 8 and things are mainly going well. Only 2 wee accidents in the last 3 days, every other time she has told me she needs to go and then been able to hold it until we get there.
The problem is she won't contemplate sitting on the potty unless she knows she needs to go, so today we went to a farm about 20 mins from our house, before we got in the car to go home I asked her to try and she point blank refused. 10 mins into car journey I hear "wee wee" and have to pull over so she can go in a lay by (she held it for a couple of mins til we got there) but would be so much easier if she had just gone before we left.
Any ideas?
Also she just will not sit when she needs to poo. The last 3 days I've known she needs to go but she will arch her back and not sit then go in her pants 2 mins later. Nightmare

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Smarshian Mon 20-Aug-18 12:49:23

Well on someone's recommendation we read her poo goes to pooland. She has since had a poo on the toilet- could just be coincidence but she seemed to get it!

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