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Persevere or give it up for now?

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icebearforpresident Wed 15-Aug-18 19:32:35

Sorry i’ve been gone for a few days, was in holiday last week and now back at work. DH is off this week and has taken over the potty training, it took him a day to decide to give it up and go back to nappies.

She could do it, I know she could but she also has a stubborn streak to give me a run for my money! Will give it another bash in a month or so.

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Bumdishcloths Wed 15-Aug-18 16:22:57

If she's getting upset and holding it that long, go back to nappies before she ends up with a UTI. She'll regress terribly if you force it before she's ready.

rachal10 Wed 15-Aug-18 16:19:39

Like other people have said, if shes getting upset i would go back to nappies and tell her when she thinks she wants to try again to tell you, or when she shows some more signs that shes ready (dryer nappies, not wanting to wear them, taking them off etc...).

Hope you’re daughter gets try soon smile

Pebblesandfriends Mon 13-Aug-18 00:21:05

If she's getting upset like that I will put her back in nappies and hand over country to her. Tell her that you know she can do it and that when she is ready then to let you know and she can use big girl pants. It may be a power struggle and you won't win one of those!

Mumof4under10 Mon 13-Aug-18 00:17:53

I have done different things with my different children depending on how they react to potty training. I've put a potty in the toilet/bathroom and everytime I went to use the toilet I took ds with me and asked if he would like to go on the potty and have a wee like mummy. Also whilst playing with my kids I've played games where their toys have needed to use the potty to encourage them. For the first few days I have always put a longer t shirt/ dress on them and no underwear so no having to worry about removing clothing to pee. would persevere if you think she is ready. Some children simply don't like using a potty so maybe a seat on the toilet is worth a try?

icebearforpresident Sun 12-Aug-18 16:08:56

DD is 2 and a half and we are a week into potty training. Started fairly well,in the first couple of days we would get at least one per a day in the potty and one accident.

As the week has gone on she is just holding it. And holding it. And holding it.I take her nappy off about 8am and she doesn’t pee until about 7pm. For about an hour before she will scream and cry because she needs to go but won’t go on the toilet or potty. Eventually she pees on the carpet and if I’m lucky we manage to catch some of it in the potty.

She’s knows she needs to go, she just won’t.

Have tried the open nappy in the potty truck, sitting on the potty blowing bubbles, a sticker chart and outright bribery. Nothing’s working.

I would prefer to persevere with it as DH has a week off work this week. but at the same time don’t want to make going to the toilet traumatic!

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