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Potty training going backwards

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piratepete123 Thu 09-Aug-18 19:44:10

DS has just turned 3. First week of potty training was pretty good. First day he only did one wee on the toilet but on the second day only had 2 accidents. Thought I had it cracked. Then we started putting pants/bottoms on him and he started having a lot of accidents. He has got better but is still only using the toilet maybe 60% of the time? It's been a week with pants on. 2 weeks in total. He will go to another room to do a wee if I'm not looking or take his pants off and wee somewhere else (floor/sofa/on his toyhmm). He definitely knows he needs to use the toilet and knows when he's going for a wee (sometimes gets distracted but I'm sure all kids do at times). I don't know what to do, he's very pleased with himself when he goes but just doesn't seem to care the rest of the time?

We've tried stickers but the novelty has wore off. Chocolate buttons seemed to motivate him but surely I can't keep doing that for weeks?

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BeeMyBaby Thu 09-Aug-18 20:21:00

I think you should go for a couple more bare bum days till he's back up to no accidents, then go baggy trousers with no pants until there are no accidents (or just one every couple of days). Then move onto pants. It should only take about a week, your DS obviously gets it as he was dry without pants.

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